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Six Stories, Six Boroughs profiles a star business from each borough of the Liverpool City Region, that has used support from the Local Growth Hub as a springboard to success. In this article we take a look at St Helens based business, the Branded Items Group.

Founded in 2017, Branded Items Group specialise in creating promotional branded merchandise, delivered in a consultative format. The business, based in St Helens, is now 6-9 months ahead of its original business plan following support from the Local Growth Hub.
Steve, Branded Items Group says:

“In a market worth over £1.1bn we had a real challenge against some huge competitors, including over 2,000 players in the UK. The support we’ve received from the Local Growth Hub has not only grown the business in the UK, but has also allowed us to trade internationally in countries such as Scandinavia.”

The Branded Items Group participated in the LCR Activate programme as advised by the Local Growth Hub. In order to compete, the business needed to expand its expertise in a variety of product areas. Through the development of a dynamic database, LCR Activate helped the business to understand how to manage multiple manufacturers across a range of products. The database allows the business to monitor and manage costs. This was instrumental for the Branded Items Group, as it enables them to market their products effectively and build their online presence.

Branded Items Group have seen exponential growth since the support of the Local Growth Hub. They have grown 63% in revenue from last year and are projecting a further 80% in revenue growth next year.

Visit the funding and support programme section of the Local Growth Hub website to see how you can access similar support.

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