Eight questions to ask when using social media

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By Local Growth Hub advisor Mark Russell of Bmicro

Social media can be a minefield when you don’t know whether or not to be on one channel or all of them. This may put off a lot of businesses from making the most out of this so called ‘free’ marketing channel.

First of all social media is not free. It’s free to sign up and have a live and active account, but if you’re looking to generate leads, build your brand, offer customer service or use it for market research purposes, you will have to pay somewhere down the line.

Social media is not the be all and end all either. It may be not even be right for your business and if that’s the case, then don’t be fooled into thinking you need to be on there because everyone else is.

After the realisation that social media is not free, it helps to think about the following:

1. Are my customers likely to be on social media, and if they are what channels will they be using?

2. If they are using social media what times of day will they be browsing social media channels and what will be their purpose for being on each channel?

3. Do I know if any of my current customers are on social media, and if they knew we were,would they follow and help us gain more fans/followers?

4. Within your business network, what people do you know already on social media thathave a large following you can tap into?

5. To keep your audience engaged and excited on social media what type of content will they like to read and share?

6. If we decide to create content that is share worthy and something our audience will like,who is responsible and should we use a copywriter, graphic designer or a videographer?

7. How will grow your following and offer responsive service if your audience starts asking you questions and replying to your content?

8. Who will be responsible for managing all the channels and reporting on what works and what doesn’t?

These 8 questions can be quite difficult to answer as they can delve into your whole marketing mix and resource capacity. Before venturing out into the vast world of social media channels and apps, make sure to have a plan and an end goal.

This is what we do at bmicro and can help micro businesses become effective and selfsufficient with their marketing.

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