How to make the second half of your business’s year better than its first

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It’s the end of another quarter and the start of the second half of the year. Half of the year is gone. Over. The nights will soon be drawing in and it’ll be Christmas before you know it. If your financial year runs January to December, it also means your full-year targets will be coming into sharper and sharper focus. Even for other businesses, calendar-year objectives become increasingly pressing from here on in.

If your chasing goals, or even just keeping pace, it can be easy to feel the pressure. But the second half of your year doesn’t have to be as hard going as the first. By taking a step back and taking a look at where you can improve productivity, you can improve your results without too much difficulty and even free up time for other projects.

Know what you need to do

When you’re in day-to-day delivery mode, it’s easy to keep churning work out without seeing the big picture. With half a year under your belt, though, you can see how things are shaping up and which areas need more work than others. Take some time to get clarity on where your focus needs to be. If new sales are performing well but re-signs are lagging, assess how you can refocus help them along.

Be prepared to break habits

It can be easy to simply get your head down and crack on the activities you’ve set to achieve specific goals. But if they’re not working as well as expected (or needed), there’s no point. The trick is being able to implement change effectively. Identify the activities that aren’t delivering the results you need and work out how they can be improved or ditch them altogether for alternatives. Taking the sales example from above, if your email campaigns to generate re-signs aren’t delivering, work out how to improve them or try something else, like calling customers approaching their contract ends. Don’t just carry on regardless.

Brainstorm shortcuts

Sometimes performance can need a boost, whether you’re slightly off targets or you just want to perform better than you are. You can keep running existing activity if it’s working well but taking the time to think of some quick wins to boost or “hack” performance can reap surprisingly big rewards.

The trick is to brainstorm ideas that can be implemented quickly, take relatively little resource and can be abandoned with little loss if they’re don’t work. It could be as simple as adding different options into your emails to encourage customers to re-sign or simplifying the process somehow. Think of ideas with your team, prioritise them based on their strength and simplicity and then create short action plans to get them implemented and evaluated.

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