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Identifying where you need support when starting a business

Published on Business stage: Starting, Thinking

Sales coach and trainer Elaine Atherton, who founded 2SummitUP, provides some tips for working out where you may need help when starting a new business.

When we start a new business, we often put ourselves under a huge amount of pressure.

I know in the early days I was constantly asking myself questions that I didn’t have the answer to – but why would I have all the answers? Some of it definitely wasn’t in my skill set and was completely new to me. Yet I felt frustrated because I didn’t know which route I should be taking or whose advice to listen to. I did find a lot of answers, and sometimes the answer was ‘that it wasn’t right for me’ – ah yes but at least I had an answer, even if it wasn’t the one I was hoping for.

The reality is, whatever the challenge, if we try and simplify stuff and break it down it becomes less overwhelming, this process works for me and many of my clients and may work for you.

It starts with a huge piece of paper and two different coloured highlighters (I love a bit of mind mapping). Write down the particular goal/project you want to achieve. Before we even start to timeline our project we need to break it down into actions and steps and identify what may potentially be stopping us. (Reality is – if the same thing keeps appearing on our list and not getting done, something is stopping us!)

Then highlight all the steps ‘I have covered’  then do the same with the steps/actions that you know you need some help with, and at the end of it you at least have more answers than questions – even if some of those answers are ‘get learning’ ‘invest in help’ or ‘take action’. The outcome is – you know what you are working with, what is going to stop you moving forward and what your next steps need to be. If it works for you let me know!

I’m lucky I get to help people come up with many answers around sales, whether that’s creating a sales process, finding their missed opportunities or breaking through some of the things that are holding them back. I do that in many different ways – bespoke training, workshops and 1:1 coaching. It’s a great moment when people find the answers they have been searching for.

In my experience, it’s the constant questions we keep asking ourselves, and the searching for answers that can be very draining, overwhelming and can really hold us back. The good news is though that the ‘answers’ can be a lot nearer than we think. Often, we have the answers in there – we just need the right person to ask the questions.

Elaine has 25 years of of coaching and training experience, in which time she’s helped a huge amount of people decide if products, concepts, opportunities and services were right for them. To find out more, visit the 2SummitUP website or take a look at Elaine’s sales coaching package.

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