LinkedIn for profitable business growth

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Local Growth Hub advisor, Dr. Mark D. Yates, FBI Consultancy, discusses the importance of LinkedIn for businesses.

Have you ever wondered what the world’s best kept business profitable growth strategy is?

Or, have you ever tried to identify the magic formula for achieving profitable business growth?

If you have, you are not alone. Tens of millions of business owners have probably contemplated one of these two questions at some time in their careers.

The over-riding reason for this shift is because of the massive increase in disruptive technology.

This dictates that many of the ‘old school’ business growth strategies that worked 5-years ago simply don’t work today because technology has produced far more effective growth strategies.

Business owners and organisations who support businesses looking for profitable business growth who fail to address new technology, including online digital sales and marketing, will almost by default find their business struggling to compete in today’s hyper competitive marketplace.

When business owners and their in-house or outsourced sales and marketing managers fail to keep abreast of new business technologies it can often mean their business owners or board directors fail to capitalise on some of the available professional business growth support services, which can help accelerate their profitable business growth.

Since the Microsoft technology giant acquired LinkedIn the platform has presented itself to the market place as the largest and most fertile business hunting ground on planet earth.

What this means to business owners is that everyone and everything they need to grow a profitable business exists on LinkedIn. Providing you either know how to leverage it, or you retain someone who knows how to monetise LinkedIn to accelerate your profitable business growth.

Ask yourself or ask your marketing and sales team members if they know the main 24 strategies that they can tap into via LinkedIn to grow your business. If they don’t know the answer to this question, then you undoubtably require outsourced sales and marketing support.

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