General Welding Supplies

One of the UK’s largest welding suppliers

General Welding Supplies

General Welding Supplies sells welding machines, associated plant equipment and consumables, as well as a variety of services including welding consultancy, welder training, routine servicing, repair, calibration and gas safety checks. Established in Halton in 1982, the firm operates across the UK and has clients in Europe and beyond. It currently has a turnover of £4.3 million.

Prior to seeking growth support, GWS was looking to increase turnover with the development of new products and the adoption of new technologies. To help with its growth plans, the business approached the Local Growth Hub’s Business Growth Programme, which is also based in Halton.

The programme is designed to build confidence and capacity in local SMEs by providing direct advice, guidance and information to provide a clear route to sustainable growth. The support it offers can cover business development, financial planning, human resources, international trade, operational review, sales and marketing.

After contacting the programme, GWS underwent a diagnostic, which provided identified a strategic requirement to construct and implement a sales and marketing plan. Subsequent support focused upon a review of the current sales and marketing plan, assisting in the formulation of realistic sales projects for the next three years and creating a revised sales and marketing plan for the next 12 months.

You can find out more about General Welding Supplies on its website and more about the Business Growth Programme on the Local Growth Hub website.

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