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Quality Essential Distribution

Since being established in 1997, Quality Essential Distribution (QED) has been supplying and distributing a diverse range of security consumables and equipment to the European security market. It has continued to offer a range of electrical products across the security industry, although its next product could be its biggest breakthrough yet.

The energy vault is a next generation uninterruptable power supply – an important feature of any security system but also of use in other areas such as billing and order systems, communication systems, manufacturing processes (particularly control) and low power lighting, among others.

Although proficient in its own sector, primarily supplying CCTV products to installers, QED had little knowledge of these wider markets. RTC North ran a number of sessions with QED and, throughout the workshops, customer segmentation and value proposition were common trends. Through exploring and prioritising customer segments, four primary markets were identified.

The firm also had many talented individuals but wasn’t taking full advantage of the talent available. While the team had technical expertise in some areas, their ability to communicate the offering was limited as was their access and use of various channels.

Whilst working with the Enterprise Europe Network, QED went on to fully develop four value propositions targeted at the identified markets and took on a new sales manager to target the new market segment: IT distribution and rapid growth. RTC also helped to identify additional potential partners.

Matt Phillip, Managing Director at QED, explains:

“The fact that the support available to us was fully-funded was a motivation in itself, as we knew there wasn’t much at stake, but the initial meeting with David give me the confidence that it was the right thing and that he had the expertise to assist us.

“The work that we did was superb and the fact that an external contractor was coming into the building forced us to make time available for him and the work that was needed to complete. It was very revealing when we actually completed the work how useful an exercise it was and has become an integral part of our working life going forward.”

QED aims to grow to £10m over the next three years and, with the help of RTC North, feels that it is on the right track to achieve this.

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