Seasoned Pioneers is nominated for 3 World Food Innovation Awards!

Seasoned Pioneers is a small, dynamic team of six that bond over a mutual passion for great tasting food! The Spice Pioneer is a relatively new start up and sister company of Seasoned Pioneers.

Seasoned Pioneers is nominated for 3 World Food Innovation Awards!

The Spice Pioneer values high-end, premium spices. This is because high quality means better taste! Power Pods are handcrafted spice mixes, containing first-class ingredients from carefully sourced and selected farmers. The spices are mixed and roasted by hand in small batches to achieve our unrivaled quality.

The Spice Pioneer aims to relieve the pressure of home cooking by making the process quick, easy and delicious. People lead busy lives, with both parents often working full time. For those that lack confidence in the kitchen, we want to remove “spice” intimidation. Power Pods are perfectly portioned to eliminate fuss and wastage. They are paired with a simple recipe and cooking method. This ensures that delicious, home-cooked meals can be made quickly and easily from scratch!

You recently expanded from Seasoned Pioneers to add The Spice Pioneer to your brand. What was the inspiration for this?

Seasoned Pioneers is perfect for those seeking high-quality, specialist culinary ingredients to make delicious dishes from around the world. The Spice Pioneer is for those that want to enjoy the tasty results of home cooking without putting a lot of time and effort into preparation.

Power Pods are perfectly portioned spice mixes that can be used in a meal for four people. They are accompanied with a straightforward recipe and cooking method. This quick and easy process removes intimidation around cooking with spices. The spice mixes are made with 100% natural ingredients and are free from additives, fillers and preservatives. The aim was to create premium products to inspire people to cook healthy, quick and easy meals from scratch.

We’ve seen you have a tree planting initiative. Could you tell us a bit more about how this works?

Although we are a small business, we are mindful of the impact we have on the environment. We encourage small changes in the office such as recyclable paper and energy saving light bulbs. However, we have always wanted to have a longer lasting impact. Therefore, we decided to create a grove in association with Trees for Life. Trees for Life monitor and manage the trees they plant in the UK, meaning most trees planted survive and contribute towards carbon offsetting. It is important for us to make a tangible difference and we pledge to plant trees on a monthly basis. Each Power Pod purchase contributes to our tree planting initiative. We hope this will motivate customers to purchase and support our cause.

How does your product set you aside from your competitors in the market?

Spice mixes can contain poor quality ingredients. We only use premium ingredients with high volatile oil content to create our spice mixes (not the sweepings off the floor!). This is unusual and costs more but delivers a much better product. As the old saying goes: “what you put in – you get out”. These specially sourced spices are roasted and mixed by hand in small batches to guarantee attention to detail and first-class quality. Power Pods are a unique concept, perfect for those that lack the confidence or time to cook from scratch. They are conveniently portioned to minimise waste. Simply peel off the lid and tip in. It could not be easier! The spice mix is accompanied with a straightforward shopping list and easy cooking method to remove any intimidation when cooking with spices.
The packaging is recyclable, and every purchase contributes to our tree planting initiative with Trees for Life.

How did help from the Local Growth Hub partners such as Wirral Chamber and the LEP help you achieve your business goals?

We are still driving to achieve our set business goals. Establishing a new brand takes time, energy and enthusiasm. Being a small team has its advantages as well as some challenges. For instance, without a large marketing and advertising budget it can be difficult to gain exposure. With help from Wirral Chamber and the LEP, funding has helped establish The Spice Pioneer brand using external consultants to drive branding, sales and marketing strategies.

What are you plans for the future for The Spice Pioneer?

Our goal is to continue to get like minded retailers on board that share our ethos and passion for premium products. We hope with more exposure and visibility we can reach a wider audience and gain a larger following. We aim to have Power Pods in every kitchen cupboard so people can cook healthy, tasty meals to enjoy with family and friends. As a World Food Innovation Award Finalist, we hope to win further food awards that reflect our hard work, passion and great tasting products!
Moving into the future we also hope to plant many more trees. Each Power Pod purchase contributes to our tree planting initiative for Trees for Life. As sales increase, we hope to give back to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

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