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Torriefied biocoal as a replacement fuel of coal and gas

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Renewable Fuel Technologies

Renewable Fuel Technologies was set up in 2014 by Vincent DeDomenico. The company has developed the idea of creating Torriefied Biocoal as a replacement fuel of coal and gas.

Today, Renewable Fuel Technologies has a board of four and another 10 members of staff. Based in Bootle, it is working to bring its Torriefied Biocoal product to market. The company was referred to the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory by board members Nadine and Rechelle Griffin, who also sit on the board of Energy Fairies, which has also received support from the programme. Renewable Fuel Technologies has since been receiving support from programme partner LJMU for a few months.

“LJMU are helping us to gain licenses and a route to market,” explains Nadine. “We are also hoping LJMU will be able to test our Torrefied product when we hot commission our machine in a couple of months’ time. The impact the support will have on the business will become invaluable to us.”

Nadine says that the licensing process is more complicated than it might otherwise be as the product as doesn’t currently exist on the current market. “As Torrified Biocoal is a product which doesn’t already exist on the market, we need to gain licenses to prove it is what we say it is and to prove how it works. Just like normal white biomass pellets, Torrified biocoal needs to be added to a Government list as a recognized fuel, but this list needs to firstly be created.”

Once Renewable Fuel Technolgies has its plant fully built, it hopes to have gained a route to market with the product so that it can roll out more plants.

You can find out more about the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory on the Local Growth Hub website.

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