LCR Activate

Supporting digital and creative SMEs in the Liverpool City Region

Local Growth Hub - LCR Activate Contact

LCR Activate is an ERDF-funded project led by Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in partnership with the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) and the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LCR LEP).

To access LCR Activate support:

Companies can sign up for the project via the website or by contacting any of the delivery partner staff. Following signup, an analysis is conducted of the business's needs and capacity to innovate is conducted using Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) of the product it wishes to develop, as per European Commission definitions.

A Project Panel comprised of senior staff from each delivery partner will review this analysis as well as the commercial value of the product presented by the company. From this, a brief is drawn up mapping the business proposition and technological specification.

Companies will be then allocated to a delivery partner; FACT covering creative product development, LJMU's Faculty of Engineering and Technology covering digital product development, LJMU's Liverpool Business School covering business culture and management aspects of innovation and the LEP covering partnerships and supply chain development.

Companies whose products are not yet at TRL 6 will be assisted with workshops and hackathons to help with bringing their products up to this level.

Companies whose products are at TRL 6 will be assisted by a dedicated Procurement Officer from LJMU with procuring a commercial solution to augment their products and deliver a prototype and then a proven viable product.

Provided that ERDF-compliant procurement procedures are followed, companies can receive a 50% rebate on what they spend.

A dedicated 'Aftercare' package is provided to companies to help them with access to further finance, evaluation of outcomes and commercialisation.

LCR Activate is part of the Local Growth Hub.