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New Markets 2 - Agent Accelerator


Are you a well-established business to business SME with ambition to grow even more by increasing your turnover or creating new jobs with marketing support?

Agent Accelerator will help you achieve these ambitions! 

An ERDF-funded programme led by Agent - a full service marketing agency located in Liverpool’s, Baltic Triangle. People-powered, and values-led, Agent helps brands and businesses to grow, flourish and thrive.

What do you need to get involved?

All businesses must be located in the Liverpool City Region and must be trading.

Businesses have to offer a business to business service or product; they can’t be business to consumer or be in the retail industry/agriculture industry.

Agent Accelerator is European funded, which means there is no cost for the SME- the project is in place to help the business flourish and achieve turnover/job results.

What can Agent Accelerator offer your business?

Every SME will be treated to a full marketing diagnostic which will look to:

We know that each business has different needs so we offer three services lines for marketing support. Each SME can determine which is the most appropriate offering for them, out of three lines:


Why is this right for your business?

If you have any questions about Agent Accelerator then we would love to hear from you.

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