2019: A Year in Review

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It has been fantastic to work with and support the growth of so many exciting and scaling businesses across the Liverpool City Region (LCR) this year. Take a look at a couple of key reflections as we close out the year and look forward to an even better 2020.

2019: The highlights
The Growth Platform: the biggest funding support package for 20 years
Our biggest highlight of 2019 has to be the creation of Growth Platform and the launch of the £75m growth package – the largest provision of support for local businesses in over 20 years. Through the package, the city region is set to attract and support plenty of new and ambitious businesses who will help the region continue to thrive.

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Business support programmes deliver top results for LCR
In this last year, we also saw the incredible results of the Business Growth Programme. Launched back in 2015, the tangible economic impact it has had on the city region so far includes:

• Over £60M of net Gross Value Added generated
• 1,273 net full-time equivalent jobs created

The New Markets 2 ERDF programme, which offers a portfolio of business support services to LCR SMEs – commercial consultancy grants, export related grants, sales and marketing support, HR support and Leadership development support, underwent a full evaluation this year. As part of this, in 2019, we were able to measure and evaluate its results, including:

• Over 54M of net Gross Value Added generated
• 1,136 net full-time equivalent jobs created

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Celebrating success around the city region
2019 has been a fantastic year for many businesses across the region, thanks to the support of the city region’s community, networks, and business support programmes. Highlights include the launch of the Tech Climbers event and report and our own Six Stories, Six Boroughs campaign which profiles a star business from each of the LCR regions.

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Looking forward to 2020
Supporting LCR businesses in the challenges ahead
Political uncertainty surrounding Brexit has certainly been one of the biggest challenges for businesses this year. Combined with a predicted global economic downturn, many business leaders in the LCR and beyond are experiencing a particularly volatile environment.
We know from speaking to local businesses that many people are unsure about how best to be prepared for Brexit, with queries ranging from future staffing to customs administration, VAT transactions, import delays and regulatory matters. Here at LGH, we are continuing to work to improve business resilience, so look out for events on some of these topics in 2020.

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Things to looking forward to in 2020…
There is so much to look forward to in 2020 – not only will we see businesses start to benefit from the £75M growth package, but the new Health Matters programme start to gain momentum, and we are preparing to take on a whole raft of new staff to further support businesses in different sectors. Plus, we’ll have a whole range of exciting events, starting with the Liverpool Business Markets on 29th Jan, right through to the brand-new global business event, ‘The Good Business Festival’, scheduled to take place in Oct 2020.

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Thank you and Happy Christmas from Janice and all of the team at LGH

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