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Last month, the Government announced that it was increasing its planning for a no deal BrexitWith this in mind, the GovernmentCities and Local Growth Unit is seeking insights from businesses about their views on Brexit, what impact it may have and what preparation they have been making. 

We are therefore encouraging businesses in the Liverpool City Region to provide their insights via this Brexit preparation local insights survey. The survey questions are as follows: 

  1. How do you think the UK leaving the EU is going to impact your business / organisation? Will this be a positive or negative impact? 

  2. What are your top five priorities regarding your business right now? 

  3. Do you have any concerns regarding the UK leaving the EU in relation to your business operations? If so, what are these? 

  4. Are you undertaking any activities to prepare your business for EU exit? If so, what are these? If not, please explain why?  

  5. What are the upcoming issues / challenges your business is facing (i.e. looking to the short, medium and long term)?  

  6. What are the barriers / blockers to progress faced by your business / organisation right now? 

  7. Where would you look for business advice regarding the UK leaving the EU? 

  8. Through what avenues / in what formats would you find advice regarding Brexit most useful? (e.g. tools, questionnaires, articles, videos, telephone hotline, face-to-face help etc.) 

  9. Do you have any additional thoughts you would like to add? 

The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. It is an opportunity for businesses to feedback their thoughts to the Government via cross-party unit comprising the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. 

Further information on how to prepare for a potential "no deal" Brexit  can be found on the website, with any new guidance and assets to be published in a dedicated Brexit section.

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