Careers & Enterprise Company first annual review published

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The Careers and Enterprise Company has launched the first Annual Review sets out what they have achieved during the first year of operation. It describes how the company is starting to ‘join the dots’ across the country by bringing together schools and colleges, employers and providers of careers and enterprise activities to give young people a better introduction to the world of work and a clearer understanding of what their future might hold. 

Their enthusiastic response has meant that there are already over 700 schools and colleges that will benefit from the support of our network of coordinators and advisers to develop better careers and enterprise programmes for their students. 

The Careers and Enterprise fund has distributed £9.5m of funding to careers and enterprise programmes with £5m from the governments initial grant and over £4m in matched funding from programme providers. Over 75% of this funding has gone to areas of most need and has allowed nearly 250,000 young people to benefit from programmes that are proven to give young people a better sense of their skills and altitudes and help them identify the best path towards their future career.

View the Annual Report here 

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