Could you help enhance employability for Liverpool Law Students?

The University of Liverpool Law School are calling on Liverpool City Region businesses to support the next generation of lawyers by helping them to build their employability skills.

If you are legal firm or a business with an inhouse legal team who could benefit from a student placement, or a business willing to help a law student with a placement or mentoring in a general commercial context, then the Liverpool University Law School would love to hear from you.

An important aspect of doing business in Liverpool is encouraging and engaging with students from the local Universities to provide work experience and enlighten them about the vast opportunity there is in a career with a local firm. 

The Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership and Local Growth Hub are extremely proud to be able to offer their support and encouragement to local employers in working with the current crop of talented students.

Liverpool University Law School is looking for help in one of three areas:

Insight into business – Shadowing somebody for a day, or longer but no less than a day. This is useful as it allows students to look at different roles, which helps them make a decision on their own career especially if they can shadow more than one person. This can be anytime of the year as long as it doesn’t mean missing a lecture.

Placements UK & International – Throughout the student’s summer vacation. The recruitment and shortlisting can be carried out by UOL. Employers are not asked to pay wages, however prolonged duties undertaken by a student should normally be compensated, therefore the UOL ask unpaid placements in the UK not to exceed 14 days.

Professional Mentoring – The chance to identify talented graduates as potential employers. Advice on dealing with clients, commercial awareness, careers. We advise Mentors to facilitate a minimum of two meetings with their student mentees (in person or remotely by telephone or Skype) each term, amounting to at least six hours mentoring over the course of the year.

Students are aware how competitive Law is and tend to be very flexible as they need as much work experience as possible and will happily work paid and unpaid. They can work in a commercial environment as well as a law practice.

If this is something you think you can support but would like more information about what the process entails,  please download a brochure.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Natasha Caplan, Employability & Placement Manager, Tel: 0151 794 9866, emails: ref PL/LEP

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