How to start a business in the Liverpool City Region

The Liverpool City Region is bursting with entrepreneurial talent, and if you are buzzing with business ideas you will be anxious to get your enterprise off the ground.  Here the Enterprise Hub outline a few tips to consider ensuring your new business has the best chance of success.

Get Advice & Plan

If you google ‘top 10 reasons businesses fail’ I guarantee the majority of articles you come across will site ‘poor planning’ and ‘not taking up expert advice’ as key factors.  It’s easy to get excited about your business and start letting it run away with you, but taking time to sit and build a plan will save you a lot of heartache later down the line. The good news is that every resident in the Liverpool City Region can access free advice and support to develop a business plan through the Enterprise Hub Programme. Contact 0151 706 8113 or email to take advantage


Get Social Media Savvy

Social media can seem like a monster when you are starting in business and it’s tempting to just set up profiles on everything because…well everyone else is, and it’s free isn’t it?  But what is the point in spending hours pinning on pinterest if your customer will never use that site? And let’s not forget how costly your time is.

Do some research around the typical users of the sites you are thinking of using before launching in, and have a look at what other businesses like yours are doing on the platform to grow their following. Make a plan of what you are going to say and how you are going to engage and you’ll find you are using your time far more effectively. 


Get Connected

When starting out, particularly if you are a sole trader working from your back bedroom, it can start to feel a bit lonely.  In the Liverpool City Region there are tons of great ways to link with other businesses from co-working events like Jelly, to co-working spaces like Launch22, Basecamp Liverpool, Signature Works to name a few and not to forget networking events. Link up with the local Chambers, get checking out coffee shop events like Open Coffee, and area based events like Baltic Schmooze. If you aren’t sure where to start Eventbrite is a great place to find local events or check out the events page on the Local Growth Hub site.


Get Finance

When you weigh up your start up costs you might find that you need a bit of extra capital to get your idea off the ground.  While grants for business start-up are scarcer in the current climate, the good news is there are still programmes offering financial support.  Beyond chatting to your bank manager, organisations like MSIF and Start-up Direct can help you apply for business financing at a reasonable rate. Your Enterprise Hub adviser can help you to fine tune your business plan, application and make an introduction to the right provider for you.


When you’ve taken these all important steps then time to just give it a go! If you would like to take advantage of the free support on offer from Enterprise Hub then do chat to our team on 0151 706 8113 or drop a line to

Enterprise Hub is your local growth hub broker for business start-up advice and part funded by European Regional Development Fund, so free for you to access. 

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