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As part of its remit to connect businesses in the Liverpool City Region with funding and support, the Local Growth Hub has launched a programme for those operating in the renewable energy supply chain. The LCR Future Energy programme offers advice, grants, procurement guidance and market research to local eligible businesses.

The programme was presented yesterday with a breakfast event at the offices of Local Growth Hub advisors Brabners. The event provided background and context, an overview to the programme itself and advice for businesses in the Liverpool City Region about how to take advantage of it. Here are some of the key points that were raised:

Mark Basnett, Liverpool LEP & Local Growth Hub

“Renewables have had an up-and-down, back-and-forth history with recent governments. – On the uncertainty of the market.

“At one point, Liverpool wasn’t even a dot on the offshore wind map. – On the effort made in the Liverpool City Region to become more than a dot on the map.

“Now the Irish Sea has the largest turbines in the world.– On the results of making renewables a focus within the Liverpool City Region.

“Renewables are going to be increasingly all-pervasive in the coming years. – On the opportunity for businesses in the Liverpool City Region.

Mark Rathbone, Head of Corporate, Brabners Liverpool

“Renewables have been a bit of a political football over this political period. – Echoing Mark Basnett’s sentiments.

“Large-scale renewables projects are happening, but not smaller ones. – On activity in the market.

“There is funding around, but less of it. – On investment that is going into renewables projects.

“UK has huge renewable projects, but where is the kit made? Denmark and elsewhere. – On the opportunity for UK businesses in the renewables supply chain.

Phil Southward, Managing Director of Inventya Solutions and Project Director of LCR Future Energy

“Future Energy is all about sales generation for SMEs in the LCR supply chain. – On who the Future Energy programme is aimed at.

“It may not be clear to you that you can enter the that supply chain. – Impressing upon even smaller SMEs that there is an opportunity to do so.

“They all need brackets and bolts. – Pointing out that you don’t have to be providing the world’s largest turbines to be part of the supply chain.

Katherine Burden, International Trade Advisor, Department for International Trade

“We help businesses to trade and export abroad.” – On the role of the Department for International Trade.

“Exporting can help increase sales and revenue, can help you compete better at home and reduces risk.” – On the benefits to businesses of exporting.

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