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Created by NatWest, the ‘Boost’ series of event has been set-up to help SMEs connect to the right people and provide resources to support them in reaching their potential.

Located in Liverpool’s Hilton hotel, the Boost Conference was hosted by Paul Telfer with the help of Mark Winters, Regional Managing Director, NatWest. The event also consisted of three other speakers who each took their turn of offering advice and guidance to an audience of business owners.

The day consisted of the following inspiring presenters: Amanda Walls from Google Digital Garage talking about how to reach new customers online using PPC, SEO and Google analytics, local entrpreneur and councillor Gary Millar talking through his entrepreneur journey throughout the years and Mark Basnett from Liverpool Enterprise Partnership. There was also a section for questions asked by the audience and answered by Maggie O’Carroll, CEO of The Women’s Organisation, Janice Mears, commercial broker at the Liverpool Enterprise Partnership and Gary Millar. All the panellists provide support for small and medium enterprises across Liverpool by helping them achieve their full potential and providing knowledge on how to succeed as a business.

Mark Basnett, Managing Director, Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership

“Having the right products and services is key. The single most determining factor is the ambition, scale up and capacity.” – Mark explained that this is what it takes for a business to grow.

We focus resources on businesses with capacity to grow.” – The LEP have the power to grow the next range of businesses and with the right sort of help they can do better.

“Are there ways in which you can grow or improve your business?” – Look at how you can drive productivity.

We want to engage with you, leadership is everything.” – The LEP wants to make this city a wonderful place for businesses and a wonderful place to live.”

Amanda Walls, Google Digital Garage

“Improve and enhance your online presence. It’s really important that your business is there and ready to be found.” – Search engine optimisation improves the chances of your business being found online. This is where your customers are and where they’re searching. Being online widens your accessibility.

“Make your web pages search friendly.” – Run keyword research to see what search terms people use and make sure your website uses relevant keywords. Keywords are the products and services you want to be found for.

“Set-up content and make sure its relevant and only publish useful, high-quality content on your site.” – Make your content as natural as possible – don’t stuff the page with too many keywords.

“Mobile searches have over taken desktop searches.” – Google analytics shows where the traffic is coming from and what pages are being visited.

 “Use Pay Per Click as It’s really important to think about goals you have set up for your website.” – Think about where people who click on  your adverts want to go so you can get them there easily.

Gary Millar, Local Entrepreneur and Councillor

"If you’re in business you should do your research, if not you will make mistakes.”  – Get it right. People, place, product and ambition means you can sell anything.

“Find someone who can sparkle and add to the sales process.” – Sales orientated, team-workers with a passion for their work are the perfect candidates.

“If you think you, as a sole trader, can do everything as a business, you’re wrong.” – Work together with people to achieve the best results.

 “Engineer your business from pre-sales to pro sales and look after your people.”
We can adapt as we move into different reinventions of our life.”

You can view a full programme of local business support events on the Local Growth Hub website.

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