LCR 4.0 launches cybersecurity survey

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Industry 4.0 also known as the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), is becoming increasingly familiar and focuses on digitisation of physical assets and integration into digital eco-systems with value chain partners. This involves the generation and analysis of data to create value in the manufacturing process.

To address the forthcoming challenges facing our industrial colleagues, Liverpool City Region (LCR) has developed a transformational support project – LCR 4.0 – a flagship initiative to support organisations in LCR, by bringing together world-class, practical support to transform businesses through digital innovation.

The project will provide businesses the opportunity to develop smarter products, processes and supply chains to increase productivity, improve their competitiveness and de-risk innovation through the adoption of new technological solutions and application of 4IR. Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the aim is to be the first of its type in the UK, to actually help companies implement new technological developments and fully embrace the benefits that 4IR will bring.

LCR 4.0 is a partnership between the University of Liverpool (Virtual Engineering Centre), Liverpool John Moores University (Faculty of Engineering and Technology), Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, Sensor City and Hartree Centre, creating a community that connects industry to expertise and intensive support from key knowledge assets in the region.

LCR 4.0 was launched in November 2016 (and will run until Sept 2019) and provides a dedicated team to drive innovation into SMEs via intensive research and development programmes, transferring knowledge through the development of concept ideas to the point where they are market ready. As the project is part funded by ERDF there is no charge to beneficiaries for engaging with the project.

SMEs can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise within the partnership to help develop solutions to technical challenges whilst gaining valuable commercialisation support (such as support for funding/investment applications), helping develop complete solution packages for local companies, ultimately accelerating ideas from concept to commercial reality.

One of the main topics we are focusing on under the LCR 4.0 Project is Cyber Security it’s one of the pillars of 4IR and there have been numerous incidents reported in the media around ‘cyber hacks’. As organisations are depending more and more on digital processes, data and systems, the risk of being a victim of a ‘cyber-attack’ is becoming more prevalent. 

LCR4.0 are currently working with the experts here at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) PROTECT Research Centre to provide solutions to industrial colleagues.

To capture the cyber needs and current awareness of organisations, we have developed a short on-line survey we would be extremely grateful if you could spare 2 minutes to complete the simple survey. We would be inviting respondents to the workshop expected to be delivered in November 2017.

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