Life Sciences Viewpoint: The World is Looking at Liverpool

The first quarter of this year has been busy with international visitors to Liverpool in the health and life sciences sector, and activity looks set to continue in coming months.

The sources of visits by life science companies so far this year have mostly been from Europe including the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and the USA.  The range of companies so far can generally be narrowed down to specialisms in treatment for disease and eHealth.

These visits reveal two of  Liverpool’s major strengths in the health and life sciences sector.  The city region is a major international centre for the research and development of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.  Organisations such as the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Liverpool have a global profile and reach in this area.

Liverpool City Region is also a major centre for eHealth, with its large concentration of digital companies and effective networks like the eHealth Cluster.  This cluster, combined with a high number of specialist hospitals and a focus on innovation in healthcare through organisations like the Innovation Agency, Liverpool Health Partners, the Clinical Commissioning Groups and Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, mean that eHealth is a thriving sub-sector of the city’s economy.

The word is spreading about Liverpool’s expertise, innovation, accessibility and focus on translating research and development into commercial opportunities.  Life science companies from around the world are visiting Liverpool on a regular basis.  In the next few weeks, we have visits from China, New Zealand, Los Angeles, Tennessee, and Spain.  All in the area of health and life sciences, and all with an interest in investing in Liverpool.

This will be a busy and exciting year for health and life sciences in Liverpool City Region.  If you know any international life science companies that are looking to invest in the UK, please get in touch and I can help them with their needs: and follow me on Twitter @MattBiagetti and LinkedIn.

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