Liverpool & Sefton Chamber of Commerce supports 3D LifePrints

With the help of a financial support from Liverpool and Sefton Chamber of Commerce via its New Markets 2 programme, 3D LifePrints recently exhibited at Arab Health 2017, the 2nd largest medical conference in the world. 3D LifePrints were joined at the conference by surgeons from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

3D LifePrints is a medical 3D printing company that provides specialist 3D printing services to hospitals across Merseyside, and nationally. One of their services is the supply of realistic 3D printed anatomical models which are created from patient specific scan data.

At Arab Health, surgeons from Alder Hey gave demonstrations of complex surgical procedures using 3D LifePrints’ 3D printed models. The procedures included: a craniotomy, a repair of a hole in the heart and the removal of a tumour from a kidney. Attendees were invited to learn and participate in the simulations.

3D LifePrints is able to print in a variety of materials including hard and flexible polymers, silicone, plaster and woodfill which mimic the texture and density of bone, and tissue. 3D printed anatomical models for surgical simulation are made to order, either from stock data or from patient specific scans and can include bespoke elements so a range of surgical skills can be assessed.

As well as using 3D printed models for surgical simulation, surgeons have been using 3D printed anatomical models for: 

1.       Planning prior to surgery
2.       Reference in surgery (by sterilisation the model)
3.       Training of junior doctors 
4.       To aid communication between a doctor and a patient

As well as assisting the surgeon and therefore improving surgical outcomes, the right anatomical model can reduce surgical time and therefore save costs.

If like 3D LifePrints your planning or would like to attend an overseas business trip to trade shows to negotiate new deals, sign new export contracts and increase export sales, then get in touch with Liverpool and Sefton Chamber of Commerce's New Markets 2 programme.

Your business can access support with:

  • Up to £1500  financial support towards economy class *flight travel
  • Accommodation and/or exhibition stand costs
  • Claim paperwork must include invoice supported by a minimum of 2 alternative quotes from other suppliers and company bank statements