MSIF launch the MSIF Finance Hub, a new venture to help North West SMEs

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MSIF have launched the MSIF Finance Hub, a new separate arm of the business.

The MSIF Finance Hub is a free, single access, help point for SMEs trying to access external funding which aims to make the process less confusing.

The MSIF Finance Hub was created after MSIF recognised that whilst SMEs may need financial support, their propositions may not be ready to pitch to the potential funding sources.

The MSIF Finance Hub will assist each SME by analysing their business proposition and creating an individually tailored package of help which suits the requirements of each company. 

The package may include many services, including; an assessment of the SMEs financial position and funding requirements; appraisal of the business plan, including help with financial forecasts and other supporting information; identification and explanation of the finance products that could help the business; and coaching the entrepreneur, ensuring they are ready to pitch to funders.

It could also include introducing the business to the suitable finance providers and business support teams, or supporting them at meetings with possible lenders or investors.

This service is aimed at SMEs within the Liverpool City Region and surrounding areas that are not in a position to pay for this kind of support.

Lisa Greenhalgh, CEO of MSIF, said: “Over the years we’ve come to realise how confusing the finance world can be. Businesses tend to be aware of bank funding, but that is not always available.  There are alternatives that clients can choose from, but it’s difficult for them to know which product is right for them and their business.

The Finance Hub is a gateway to all of the possible funding products, and offers applicants the support they need throughout the funding process. The team will make it simpler for our clients by being a single entry point for the guidance that they need. The overall aim of the MSIF Finance Hub is to give the SME the best chance of success in receiving funding.”

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