New joint venture creates advertising opportunity!

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Two north-west based businesses, Momentus (James Perryman) and Inspire Excellence (Krystyna Petersen) have been collaborating over the last year to create a new joint venture…

MyPeopleClub launches on 2nd March and is already creating a following having built up a healthy number of prospective clients in its Facebook group and email list. One look at their website shows that a lot of hard work has been going into creating a vibrant new community for HR Professionals, Coaches & Trainers and small business owners.

It’s where they can get everything they need to succeed – in one place! And charities will also benefit greatly as a proportion of every members monthly subscription will be put aside to give to the chosen charity – the first one is Child Bereavement UK.

Not only will MyPeopleClub’s members have access to a vast support network and all the resources, guides and information they need, there is also an opportunity for them to have visibility of other businesses that offer products and services that also help them do their jobs/roles more successfully – through a Business Directory page.

For example – Trainers that run training events need to print materials, have stationery and learning aids, find venues, secure food, drink and accommodation… you can imagine how much this list could grow! So the question is, do YOU own a business that would love to get in front of those members?

If a business wants to advertise directly on the ‘Business Directory’ page, backed up by regular promotional marketing by MyPeopleClub through their communications channels, the cost will be £1000/year +VAT – HOWEVER – in order to have a number of businesses with them ready from launch they are offering this advertising opportunity at a massively reduced price of £299 + VAT the first 12 months if they sign up/pay during January or February.

A number of businesses are already taking advantage of this amazing offer (after all, how much would a one page, one-time magazine article cost?!) – there is still time to join them!

Find out more about MyPeopleClub at and email to get yourself on board.

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