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I can help you with all your business communication and copywriting

Communication is key: it might be via social media, PR, advertising, marketing or an annual report but being able to effectively, clearly and coherently communicate the message of you, your project and your company is vital. Everyone has a story to tell, it's how you tell it that helps to gain attention. 

Working with a variety of clients from Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool LEP, Dooa, Cambridge University, Liverpool Vision, Liverpool Irish Festival, Farm Feast, Baltic Creative, Voluntary Arts and the BBC I help people to get their message across. Clear thinking, comprehensive planning, a sound understanding of audience and technology helps the people I work with connect with the people they want to. 

My services include strategy development, research, feasibility studies, PR, Editor, communications, digital strategy, marketing, copywriting and SEO. With over 12 years experience in the media I advise people on the best way to develop their public profile, the best tools and techniques to undertake and most important how to deliver their message in a way that will appeal to their target audience. 


With 12 years' experience in media covering broadcast, print, PR and communications I am an award-winning journalist and PR with a proven track record for audience building and engagement. 

I started at the BBC in 2001 working freelance at BBC Radio 4 and 5Live and BBC Radio Sheffield before moving solely to BBC Radio Merseyside. Leaving the BBC in 2006, I joined FACT as their first press manager to build the arts organisation's profile in the run up to Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture. I left to work for clients including Hard Days Night Hotel, Grosvenor and Cavern Walks before establishing my own business in 2010. 

I work as an independent consultant, contracted by clients from a wide range of sectors including health, innovation, arts, culture, food and drink and destination. My portoflio is vast and varied because I like diversity and I keep my approach the same for everyone; clarity, excellent writng and clear -thinking to help people reach their target audience whomever they may be. 

Principal projects and campaigns I've worked on include;

*I compiled Liverpool LEP's Making IT book, a 15 year strategy for the advanced manufacturing sector

*I manage the press, digital profile and social media for the Liverpool Irish Festival and in 2015 Farm Feast and Liverpool's eHealth Cluster 

*I edited Broadcast World magazine, a B2B title focusing on mobile and broadcast technology

*I worked for two and a half years on Love the Valleys, a press and social media campaign to encourage UK visitors to see The Valleys. I developed the first official playlist by a destination featuring homegrown artists. 

*I write the online content for It's Liverpool, sharing stories for people who live, work, invest and visit the city

*I researched and drafted a feasibility study for Voluntary Arts on the extension of their Up for Arts programme across the north of England. 

*I still work as a journalist and documentary maker, my last documentary was about auteur Terence Davies (who I also interviewed for Homotopia). I write extensively about film, art, culture and am launching a new cities blog called Urban Romantics in 2015

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