LHM Consultancy was born out of a desire to help businesses achieve their full potential. So many business owners and leadership teams struggle with the balance of working on the business with the need to work in it. It is with my help that we transfer the power to where it is needed, engage the workforce and re-focus the business to a point where together we can achieve hyper-growth. Having been a founding Director of a high growth business and learning a huge amount through a combination of joy, suffering and relentless determination, taking that business together with my partners from inception, growth in to new markets and different countries to sale over a period of 8 years, coupled with 9 years previously spent in the corporate environment, I have certainly experienced a lot and learned from my mistakes as well as successes. Over the past 10 years LHM has been imparting this learning as part of my quest to drive the UK economy forward in everyway I can.


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