EU Exit

Helping LCR businesses
through the transition period

The UK has now left the EU. The Local Growth Hub is committed to helping Liverpool City Region businesses be more resilient as they go through the transition period and beyond.

We know from speaking to local businesses that many people are unsure about how to remain resilient through this transition period. Queries range from future staffing to customs administration, VAT transactions, import delays and regulatory matters.

Despite the uncertainty of change, it is essential that businesses are as prepared as they can be. Depending on your particular business there are steps you should be taking now as we navigate the transition to the end of 2020.  This page signposts businesses to resources provided by the government and other organisations from both the public and private sector to help you navigate through these and other areas. You can also sign up to our newsletter for updates.

We have a team of business brokers who can help answer your queries about the transition period. If you’re uncertain about what the transition period means for your business, please get in touch.

The transition period

The Government has developed a “transition period” website which is a central site for guidance aimed at businesses. 

Visit website

Trade tariffs

For businesses concerned about what tariffs they may be charged in the future for importing goods involved in their processes, or, alternatively, what tariffs their competitors will be charged for bringing goods into the UK, the following tariff guidance has been published.

These are the tariffs that are expected to be levied by the UK at the end of any transition period.

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We have a team of business brokers who can help answer your queries about the transition period. Please use the contact form below to get in touch.



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